360 Reports

Ready to go “Leadership360” reports

We have devised a series of 360 degree feedback worksets with “ready-to-go” competency frameworks to suit Leaders at senior, middle and junior level leadership positions in a wide variety of organisations in the private and public sectors. To view copies of these check in our Downloads section where you will find some Sample Reports, Factsheets and a User Guide.

Each of our work-sets contains everything you need to complete a Leadership360 appraisal and includes;

  • an on-line questionnaires for the appraisee
  • questionnaires for as many respondents as you wish – we recommend 8 as a good number of respondents
  • a User Guide to help you through the process
  • a down-loadable workbook to help you assess your feedback
  • your easy to read Leadership360 feedback report.

Tailor-made using our competency library

With over 25 years of management and leadership experience coupled with 10 years in Consulting and Academia teaching and using 360 degree feedback we have developed a library of competencies and a wide range of questions for incorporation into a “tailor-made” questionnaire just for you and your organisation.

We work with you to identify your needs, your competencies and those in our library. We bring these two together and fuse them into a set of competencies for your organisation and your leaders and managers.

At its simplest this process can involve the editing and/or re-writing of our standard competencies to make them more familiar to you. For more complicated approaches we recommend that you work with us using our Competency Profiler to create custom questionnaires.

Custom Questionnaires for 360 degree feedback

We work with you to tailor the competency framework to your needs and the needs of your Leaders using a wide range of alternative questions.

If your organisation uses it’s own competency framework then let us use our competency editing tool – the Competency Profiler. This allows us to quickly create competency based questionnaires and use them to run your 360 feedback projects. Click on the link to read more about the Competency Profiler right here.

Our Competency Framework

These are some of the competency’s that we use; as you can see we have a set of Mandatory Competencies and you can also select up to 3 from the list of Optional Competencies.


Mandatory Competencies Optional Competencies
Communication Adaptability/Change Management
Decision Making Analytical thinking
Developing others Commercial and financial awareness
Developing self Customer focus
Integrity and Ethical management Delivering results
Motivation Influencing
Planning and Organising Innovation/Creative thinking
Relationship Building Leadership and inspiring others
Team Working Strategic awareness
  Time Management


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